Hi Neighbor - Sherry McCoy

Hi! My name is Sherry McCoy, and I am a writer and actress with the Stop Senior Scams ℠ Acting Program, directed by Adrienne Omansky. I also write monthly articles on the wide variety of scams that target seniors for NOT BORN YESTERDAY. I may be “retired,” but I’m happy to say that I’m busier now than I was when I was working full time!

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How Long Have You Lived In West LA?
I moved to West LA from Venice shortly after the Northridge earthquake rocked the southland in January of 1994. I did live in Santa Monica and Venice again for a brief time in the early 00’s, but I returned to the same apartment building here in West LA a little over a decade ago. Happily, I’ve been living here with my husband, Robert Swartz, and our cat, Electra, ever since!

About Me
Although I grew up in a small town in Kansas, I spent my early twenties living in New York City, Boston, and San Francisco before settling down in Los Angeles. In 1976, I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Psychology and a Specialization in Women’s Studies; and in 1985, I received my PhD in Social-Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute Los Angeles. I love creative writing, yoga, painting, art, international cuisine, acting, sewing, and spending time in the company of cats! I also love a great cup of coffee, and feel quite blessed that there are so many wonderful places here in West LA where you can find a good cup of Joe or Jane!

What I Like About West LA
There are so many things I love about West LA, it’s hard to know where to begin. Mostly, I love the fact that I live near the post office, the library, the senior center, and all the shops, markets, and restaurants on Sawtelle and Santa Monica Blvd. I can walk wherever I want to go, and if it’s a little too far to walk, I can take the bus or the new expo line! Some of my favorite places in the neighborhood are -- Coffee Tomo, Balconi Coffee Company, Nijiya Market, Nina’s Mexican Food, Santa Monica Glatt Kosher Market, Blick Art Materials, Cacao Coffee House, Tokyo 99 Plus, and Western Bagel. I could go on, but space is limited!

What I Would Like To See Improved in West LA
I am profoundly grateful for Felicia Mahood Senior Center here in West LA. It provides a multitude of services for seniors in our community, including affordable lunches provided by Jewish Family Services. Sadly, however, the building itself, along with the physical grounds surrounding the senior center, are in dire need of repair and beautification. Some improvements are currently underway, such as the development of a small community garden with art murals, but many more are needed. In addition, the Civic Center buildings stand empty or are underutilized. Why not rent out those buildings to companies that would bring new life to the area, and provide needed income to the community? Or, redesign the Civic Center building into an apartment building, creating affordable housing / assisted living apartments for seniors? The grounds surrounding the Civic Center could use a landscaping upgrade as well. Finally, there’s the issue of traffic. Our streets are clogged with cars. I don’t know what the answer is, except perhaps to create incentives for people to get out of their cars, and spend more time walking, riding bicycles, or taking the bus. Maybe we need to create a walking culture in West LA! Now, there’s a concept!