LAPD Weekly crimes

During the past 10-12 days we have been hit withmany Theft from Motor Vehicle (TFMV) and Burglary from Motor Vehicles, (BFMV).  TFMV is when a suspect removes property from a vehicle that is open and or unlocked.  BFMV is when a suspect removes property from a locked vehicle.  We also had numerous Burglaries in our area. 


1600 block of Purdue   Suspect(s) removed victims tire

12000 block of Idaho    Suspect(s)     removed property from vehicle

1400 Saltair                   Suspect(s)    removed computer from vehicle

1200 Federal                  Suspect(s)      removed Laptop from vehicle

11900 Olympic                Suspect(s)     removed misc property


We had two battery investigations one at Bundy & Ohio and the other at Bundy & Pico.  Both incidents involved homeless individuals.


11600 Olympic Bl.           Happy Sushi

11600 Olympic Bl.           Good Stuff

11400 Mississippi            Single family residence

11900 Wilshire Bl.           Cigar Co.

1500 Bundy Dr.               Pizza truck

2200 Sawtelle Bl.            Storage unit

11300 Santa Monica BlSenior center


Just a few tips for your safety:

  • Please remember to HIDE IT, LOCK IT, KEEP IT.
  • Keep your car doors locked and windows closed
  • Do not leave packages or valuables on the seat of your vehicle
  • Set your alarm to your residence, check windows and access points to ensure they are locked and secured.